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Your Ultimate Guide to End of Lease Rubbish Removal

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Moving house is a stressful time for most people because there is simply so much to coordinate. One of those tasks is getting rid of all the leftover household junk. Rubbish removal for tenants helps to ensure they get their bond back by leaving the property tidy. We also offer rubbish removal for landlords who need some extra tidying for re-leasing their property. At Absolute Rubbish Removal, we also provide same-day end of lease rubbish removal for those situations where you just need things gone quickly.

If you’re getting ready to move house, Absolute Rubbish Removal helps to ensure you leave the property junk-free as you embark on your new journey. We’ve also got some tips to make cleaning out your rental property a lot easier.

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End of lease clear-outs across Brisbane

It’s easy to get complacent when living in a rental property. If you’re there for a number of years, household junk accumulates while you think, ‘I’ll worry about that when I leave’. However, when the time comes to leave, tenants have so much else on their minds that it’s difficult to get rid of all the unwanted items and rubbish they’ve amassed during the tenancy.

Absolute Rubbish Removal offers an affordable, stress-free service to remove all unwanted junk from your home before you move out. This helps to ensure your yard and storage areas are clean, giving you a much better chance of receiving your full bond back. From white goods removal to general household waste, we’ll get rid of everything. Best of all, we also recycle or reuse household rubbish where possible.

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The benefits of professional end of lease rubbish removal

When you’re moving house, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Here are just some of the reasons to invest in professional end of lease rubbish removal.

Hassle-free: We remove all rubbish quickly and efficiently. You don’t even need to pile the rubbish up in a single area. Just let us know what needs to go, and we’ll take it away.

No heavy lifting: Not everybody is able to lift heavy items onto trucks or trailers. Save your back and let the professionals do the heavy lifting.

Save money: While end of lease rubbish removal comes at a cost, it is still likely to save you money. When you consider tip fees, fuel and potentially van or trailer hire, getting rid of household rubbish yourself isn’t always as cost-effective as you think.

Fast and reliable: While it’s always best to plan ahead, we can offer same-day end-of-lease rubbish removal in many circumstances. We turn up when we say, and get the job done without fuss.

Protect your bond: Leaving rubbish at the end of your lease means the landlord or real estate agent must take on the burden. This typically means you lose some or all of the bond you paid when you moved in.

Recycling: Don’t want to take everything with you, but also don’t feel right about throwing it all away? Our experts know what can and can’t be recycled, and we can even reuse certain materials, ensuring not everything goes to waste.

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Types of household rubbish we remove

From electronics to general waste, we get rid of everything. Plus, we’re licensed to work with asbestos, so if there are potentially dangerous building materials to remove, we can do it safely and efficiently. Here are just some of the items we remove at the end of a lease:

There’s no need to stress about rubbish removal for tenants, because the team at Absolute Rubbish Removal is here to help. The list above isn’t exhaustive, so if you have concerns about specific items, just give us a call.

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Rubbish removal for landlords and agents

As a landlord or real estate property manager, not everything goes to plan when a tenant leaves a property. While many people do the right thing and want their bond back, there are occasions when you’re left to clean out the property before a new tenant moves in. Don’t worry, because Absolute Rubbish Removal has plenty of experience working directly with real estate agencies and landlords at the end of leases.

Simply let us know what you need to be removed from the property, and we’ll get it cleared out and ready for cleaning. We appreciate that agents often have tight deadlines, which is why we offer a fast, reliable service, helping you get the property cleaned and ready in the short space between tenants. In many cases, we also offer same-day end of lease rubbish removal for urgent needs.

Same-day rubbish removal

With our real-estate rubbish removal experience, we understand that you often have tight timeframes between tenants. Often, you only have a fee days or a week to remove all rubbish, make repairs and clean the property for new tenants. We also understand you sometimes need rubbish removed urgently, so we offer a same-day end of lease rubbish removal service for both tenants and landlords.

Depending on the time of day we receive your request, we can usually get there on the same day, collect your rubbish, and be out of your way quickly. If you’re stuck with an urgent need, don’t hesitate to call Absolute Rubbish Removal today.


If you’re looking for affordable, hassle-free end of tenancy rubbish removal, Absolute Rubbish Removals is here to help. Servicing areas such as New Farm, Coorparoo, Teneriffe and all surrounding locations, we get the job done fast. Whether you need rubbish removal for landlords or rubbish removal for tenants, we get rid of everything you don’t need. Don’t let end of lease rubbish removal become another problem to deal with. Let us do the heavy lifting. Contact us today to find out more.

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We’re Brisbane’s #1 choice for rubbish removal. No job too big or too small. For reliability, consistency, great prices and friendly service every time, look no further than Absolute Rubbish Removals!

Table of Contents

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