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The Dos and Don’ts of Apartment Rubbish Removal

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If you’ve ever lived in a strata environment, you’ll know that the most common issues revolve around apartment rubbish removal and parking. We can’t do much about your parking issues, but as experts in removing strata property garbage, we have some ideas for managing apartment waste. In this article, we’ll explore reliable and efficient apartment rubbish removal in Brisbane, and give some tips to ensure everybody is happy.

Waste disposal in strata property

How you dispose of rubbish in a strata environment directly impacts your fellow residents. Those who don’t follow waste disposal guidelines can breach the Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016 and your property’s by-laws. The reality is that all residents pay their levies and expect to access good waste management facilities.

Depending on your local council, regular pickups occur for general waste, recycling and green waste. But those larger unwanted items often cause problems in strata living. Ideally, strata schemes should encourage the recycling, reuse and reduction of waste.

The challenge for strata managers is to ensure appropriate facilities are available and monitor their proper use.

How to deal with unauthorised rubbish on strata property common areas

If you find unwanted rubbish in strata common areas, your first point of contact should be your building manager. Some buildings have an on-site manager who can be reached easily. Others may require a phone call from an external management service. Either way, reporting it is the first step.

The Strata manager then needs to determine what to do with the rubbish. Depending on how much waste is there, the manager can remove it themselves or arrange for removal through a third party. They will also be interested in finding out who dumped the rubbish, because the culprit is no doubt in breach of by-laws.


Tips on strata property garbage disposal

As we mentioned, apartment rubbish removal can be complex to manage. However, when residents and strata managers work together, there is usually a simple solution. Here are a few tips to remove all strata property garbage safely and appropriately.


Regularly educate residents on by-laws

The first place to start is with all of the building’s residents. Every strata building has a strict set of by-laws that lot owners and their tenants agree to. These by-laws cover all aspects of resident behaviour, with garbage disposal guidelines usually a high priority. Since your by-laws serve as a clear guide for managing waste. Residents must be reminded of their obligations regularly.

Occasional email reminders and letters to residents are a good course of action. Even if it’s a simple flyer with the dos and don’ts of apartment rubbish removal, it keeps waste management in people’s minds.

Another good idea is to provide very clear, simple signage around waste disposal areas to help educate residents. You may also like to post signage in other problem areas, reminding residents not to leave rubbish.

Review existing waste management processes

Secondly, it’s a good idea to review waste management practices regularly. Are garbage chutes the best way to manage general waste? Are there enough recycling bins? Is there a process in place to get rid of larger items? Do residents receive timely reminders about council roadside collections? These are just some of the questions your strata committee should consider. If people have better ideas to manage waste more effectively, give them the chance to present proposals at an AGM.


Consider regular rubbish collections

Naturally, your local council collects your general waste, recycling and green waste on a regular schedule. Councils also offer roadside hard waste collections, so it’s worth investigating what your local council provides. But this isn’t usually suitable for large rubbish removal in Brisbane. So, if feedback from your residents suggests they would like regular additional collections for household waste, consider a proposal at your next meeting. You may be able to organise a company like Absolute Rubbish Removal to come a few times each year, allowing residents the chance to do some spring cleaning. This reduces the temptation for people to dispose of waste incorrectly.


Need help with apartment rubbish removal?

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Table of Contents

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