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Green Waste Removal Brisbane

Green Waste Removal Brisbane

Do you have too much green waste around your home? Are standard household green bins not big enough to handle your yard work? With our green rubbish removal services, you never have to worry about overflowing bins or mess in your yard again. We collect, separate, recycle and dispose of all green waste quickly, efficiently and without fuss.

If you’re looking for ‘ green waste removal near me’ and are not impressed with the prices or service, it’s time to call the experts you can trust. Absolute Rubbish Removals is your local expert when it comes to garden waste removal, and we can ensure all waste is disposed of ethically for recycling and reuse.

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What is green waste?
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Green waste is organic household material that can be composted and recycled for other uses. Generally, organic waste comes from plants or animals and includes items such as leaves, grass clippings, fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, and branches just to name a few.

Green waste can be repurposed when composted, primarily as a fertiliser or mulch for gardens, parks, farms and more. Here at Absolute Rubbish Removals, we separate all green waste appropriately, reducing disposal fees and ensuring that when we remove garden rubbish, it is recycled the right way.

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Types of green waste we remove in Brisbane

Since green waste covers most organic material, there’s a lot that we can get rid of for you. However, there are guidelines about the types of green waste that can be disposed of safely. Our list of collectable items includes:

  • Grass clippings
  • Hedge trimmings and small bushes
  • Soil and grass
  • Tree branches
  • Logs and stumps
  • Organic materials such as vegetable and fruit scraps

Absolute Rubbish Removals collects all of your green waste, but if you’ve got general garden waste that doesn’t quite meet the ‘green waste’ criteria, we can get rid of that for you, too. As a comprehensive green rubbish removal service, we’ll get your yard looking neat and tidy in no time.

Benefits of using
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When you need a green waste removal expert, we’re the team you can rely on. Here are just a few benefits of our garden waste removal service.

Experts in garden waste sorting and sustainable disposal
Over 26 years of experience in the green waste removal industry
Keep your yard clean and free of debris, which can attract pests
Same-day services available
Free quotes and assessments
We don’t just remove waste, but tidy the area left behind
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For the most reliable, friendliest and most efficient garden waste removal service in Brisbane, contact the team at Absolute Rubbish Removals today.

Frequently Ask Questions

The green waste removal cost can vary depending on the amount of waste needing to be removed. Green waste disposal is charged by weight, but this only applies if the load is uncontaminated green waste. We separate all green waste to ensure disposal fees are as low as possible. For labour costs, the price depends on how complex the removal is. For example, it’s a lot cheaper if everything is in a neat pile awaiting collection.

People often confuse the term ‘green waste’, assuming anything from your garden can be included. However, some items that may not meet the ‘green waste’ definition include pots, pavers, sleepers, timber used for outdoor structures, fence palings and more. If you’re unsure whether something constitutes green waste, just ask our friendly team; we’ll gladly advise.

Household junk rubbish is sorted at collection, ensuring we can dispose of it in the most sustainable and cost-effective manner. For example, we’ll separate all of your green waste and take it to a council waste management facility. For other garden and household items, we do our best to recycle, repurpose or donate if possible. Otherwise, it is taken to a waste management facility for disposal.