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Asbestos Removal Brisbane

asbestos disposal brisbane

asbestos disposal brisbane

Absolute Rubbish Removals specialises in non-friable asbestos removal throughout Brisbane. Providing 26 years of incident-free asbestos removal experience, Absolute Rubbish knows asbestos. 

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a carcinogenic material found in many homes and buildings built pre-1990. It poses risks of lung cancer and mesothelioma if it is broken or damaged in any way. In order to handle asbestos, QLD laws require you to be licenced.

Absolute Rubbish is fully licensed, and abides by Workplace Health & Safety ‘Code of Conduct’ at all times. We also ensure our clients safety with $10m public liability insurances.

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Every situation involving asbestos removal differs, and must be assessed on-site by our trained professional site assessor. We provide the full solution, including notifying your neighbours and erecting the required barriers and signage. Contact Absolute Rubbish Removals for your free quote today!

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What We Offer

We offer an all-inclusive package, providing free quotes and advice, site inspections, asbestos removal, and a clearance certificate, which all jobs are required to have.

Our focus is to keep our clients safe from Asbestos, and provide an environmentally friendly asbestos removal process.

When it comes to asbestos removal services, Absolute Rubbish Removals provides a safe, quality service that you can trust, for a reasonable price.

Asbestos removal Brisbane

While the use of asbestos was phased out in the 1980s, it wasn’t banned in Australia until 2003. This means asbestos was used in the construction of many older homes and buildings. We’ve since learned that asbestos is toxic to humans and can cause significant health risks. As such, only people licensed to deal with asbestos can remove it from construction sites, homes and buildings.

Absolute Rubbish Removal are your licensed and qualified asbestos experts, with decades of experience and a sound knowledge of safe asbestos handling procedures. Our team is fully trained in the correct way to deal with dangerous waste, and we never compromise on safety. We adhere to Workplace Health and Safety laws at all times to ensure the safety of our workers, our clients and the properties we work on.

We also hold the necessary insurance to protect your property, with liability coverage up to $10 million. Our service is all-inclusive, ensuring all correct asbestos handling processes are followed. This includes initial site inspections, free quotes, asbestos removal and a clearance certificate. Our professional site assessor carefully plans safe asbestos removal, considering every job’s unique needs.

Fully insured up to $10m

Licensed to handle asbestos

Free quotes

Site assessment

Asbestos removal

Clearance certificates

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Asbestos safety and equipment

Because asbestos is such a dangerous material, special training, equipment and licenses are required to work with it. Our team has undergone extensive training to become licensed to safely remove asbestos. Our qualified site assessor ensures that all safe asbestos handling procedures are followed every time, including the use of professional equipment to deal with asbestos safely and securely.

Frequently Ask Questions

We do. While removing all asbestos from your property is a good idea, there may be occasions when you can’t. For example, you’re re-roofing your shed, and asbestos is present in the roofing materials. The walls may also have asbestos, but you don’t want to replace those. In this case, we’ll safely remove your asbestos roof materials and leave the walls.

No, a special type of license is required to deal with bonded asbestos. In fact, you need a license to handle any type of asbestos. Holders of licence Type A can remove both bonded and friable asbestos. License Type B holders can only remove bonded asbestos. At Absolute Rubbish Removals, we’re licensed for both, so contact our licensed and experienced asbestos removers today.