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Simplify Your Office Relocation with Absolute Rubbish Removals’ Services

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Only when you start planning an office relocation do you discover how much waste you’ve accumulated over the years. Thankfully, this doesn’t need to turn into a nightmare because Absolute Rubbish Removals provides specialist office rubbish removal in Brisbane. So, if you’re about to shift your business to a new location, we’re here to help make the process stress-free.

In the meantime, we’re giving you some tips for making your office relocation as easy as possible. Follow these tips, and your move won’t just be easier, but also a lot more cost-effective.

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Office rubbish removal tips

Our skilled office junk removal experts can do all of the heavy lifting for you. But these tips are a great place to start if you want to save some money on rubbish removal and disposal costs while making your move easier.

Clear one room at a time

The best strategy for getting rid of clutter in the office is to move through one room at a time. Doing this makes it easy to identify items you definitely need to keep, and ones that can be removed. Also, if you’re able to clear a room or two, such as a lesser-used meeting room, it can be a good place to store and sort what’s staying and going.

We’ll touch on this later, but this gradual approach can save you money. You can take advantage of free waste disposal services such as council pick-ups and regular waste collection by giving yourself plenty of time. Always ensure you follow proper disposal methods, though, as many office items may be unsuitable for regular waste.

Consider going paperless

When you leave an existing office, you usually find a lot of paperwork. Even if it’s neatly packed in boxes or filing cabinets, an office relocation in 2024 is the perfect chance to assess whether you need it. If there are important documents to keep, many of these can be scanned and backed up digitally. Doing this reduces the amount of unnecessary junk you have to move, and paper can be disposed of easily through secure shredding services. Plus, it’s a great environmental move, and businesses can get good social media exposure when sharing green initiatives with their audience.

Book your office junk removal service early

We touched on this earlier, but the earlier you can plan your move, the better off you’ll be. As soon as you know your move date, we advise booking your office rubbish removal service. Depending on your lease agreement, the rubbish can be removed before or after you vacate, but it pays to book in advance. That way, you’ll secure the best and most affordable service and not be caught out with last-minute waste disposal fees.

Recycle and donate items

One way to keep office junk removal costs down is to get rid of the junk before rubbish removal day. You could find places to donate unwanted office furniture, and the recipient may even arrange for a collection since it’s a donation. Used furniture stores of office suppliers are worth checking but try to think outside the box, too. There may be local schools or community groups that would greatly benefit from a donation of desks, chairs or other items you don’t intend keeping.

Use regular waste collections where possible

As we mentioned before, some office items aren’t suitable for regular waste, so it’s important to follow council rules. However, most commercial properties have ample bin space for regular rubbish collection. So, if you find general office junk that’s safe for disposal, use your weekly or fortnightly rubbish allocations. That’s what they’re there for, and it will save you money on office rubbish removal.

In addition, don’t forget about council hard-waste collections. Every council has different rules, but it’s worth checking if any free services are available.

Only keep necessary large items

Waste disposal fees are typically calculated by weight. This forms part of the cost when you hire an office rubbish removal service, so reducing the amount of waste you need to be collected makes sense. Office furniture is big, bulky, and often heavy, meaning it costs more to get rid of. If you like the idea of a brand-new setup in your new office, try to get rid of the old furniture and start from scratch. If you’re able to arrange a donation or some other type of free disposal method, you can put the savings towards new office furniture.

Need help planning your office relocation?

If you’re getting ready to move your business, it pays to start planning for office rubbish removal early. Absolute Rubbish Removals offers a dedicated office junk removal service, removing stress from your big move. We can help you plan and coordinate everything, and we recycle goods where possible to keep disposal costs down. Whether you’re in the Brisbane CBD, Fortitude Valley, Newstead or any surrounding Brisbane suburbs, we’re here to help. Contact our friendly team today, and let our experts take care of the heavy lifting.

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We’re Brisbane’s #1 choice for rubbish removal. No job too big or too small. For reliability, consistency, great prices and friendly service every time, look no further than Absolute Rubbish Removals!

Table of Contents

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