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8 Tips for Deceased Estate Clean Up

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The process of clearing out deceased estates can be overwhelming for many people. It is an emotional time, and family members of the deceased often have a number of matters to organise. Some people hire deceased estate rubbish removal experts to help, but there are also some things you can do to make the process even easier. We’ve prepared a list of 8 tips that can help save you time and money and reduce stress during a difficult time.

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  1. Determine where items will go

    Your first step is to determine where items will go. In some cases, legal documents such as wills may determine who takes possession of certain items. If the deceased person has left behind instructions, this job is easy. If not, a family member generally takes on the task of clearing out the house and distributing household items as they see fit.

  2. Ensure you find all important documents

    Before you start sorting things into rubbish piles, it’s a good idea to secure all important documents first. This can include legal documents, proof of identity documents and anything else of significance. You may still find more as you sort through each room, but the earlier you can find and safely store important documents, the better.

  3. Ask family members to remove items first

    Whether by legal instruction or otherwise, if family members intend to take possession of items in the deceased’s house, you should encourage this takes place as quickly as possible. This way, there is less to sort through and makes the job much faster.

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  1. Work from room to room

    Sometimes there’s only one way to approach an overwhelming task, and that’s piece by piece. Once all of the items designated to family members or elsewhere have been removed, it’s time to sort through the rest of the belongings. Room by room is the best approach, and the following tips will also make this process a lot easier.
  2. Prepare for charity donations

    If any items are going to charity, these should be kept aside separately. Try to keep a ‘charity pile’, for want of a better description, and simply add to it as you work through each room. Many charities have a truck and can organise a free collection of donations. Check with local charity organisations who might be interested. With everything in a neat pile, their job is easy, and you get some items removed for free.
  1. Create a designated rubbish pile

    In most circumstances requiring deceased estate rubbish removal, there are simply a lot of things that need to be disposed of. Not everything is suitable for charities or family members, so keep a rubbish pile aside just like your charity pile. This will help you decide which rubbish  is suitable for a free council hard-waste collection, and which rubbish requires professional removal.
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  1. Work quickly to avoid issues

    Importantly, although you need appropriate time to grieve, many people suggest working quickly on matters such as deceased estate clean up. The longer you leave this difficult task, the more difficult you may find it to get rid of certain items. Also, as more time elapses, issues between family members regarding the division of assets can arise. So, when it is legal to do so, proceed with the cleanup as quickly as possible. If family or other issues are causing you concern, or you simply need assistance coping with grief, remember there are always services available to help.

  2. Consider professional deceased estate clean up services

    Finally, not everybody has the time or ability to do all of the clean up work themselves. It’s a difficult, emotional time, and in many cases, it’s easier to let the experts help. Our deceased estate rubbish removal experts can identify important or valuable items during a thorough, respectful and careful clean up process. So, if the task is simple too great, there is professional help available.


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Table of Contents

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